Apr 27, 2012

Freebie Friday Review: At The Beach

Contains some Adult Content
Title: At The Beach Vol.1
Genre: Various, Anthology
Price: Free
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Rating: 4/5

At the Beach is a free anthology by Beachwalk Press, each story is centered around the beach and a different couple, so take a walk at the beach and enjoy.
Waves of Change by Ella Jade
Accomplished photographer and artist Ally Nicholas finds herself alone at her beach house trying to move on from her husband's death. She fills her days by the ocean, secretly sketching the attractive lifeguard who fuels her nightly fantasies. What happens when the object of her inspiration knocks on her door one evening? Will she give into temptation?
A steamy short story, with a electric couple.
Waves of Desire by Tamaria Soana
After four years of marriage, Brenda can feel everything she and Blake once had slowly slipping away. After a long conversation they decide to take some time to reconnect and book a mini-vacation at a beach resort. Will their time at the beach bring back the waves of desire they once felt for one another?
A hot little getaway story with a loving couple.
An Unplanned Rendezvous by Theresa Stillwagon
While on vacation at the beach with her best friend, Annie unexpectedly runs into Luke, a man from her past that she never wanted to see again. He looks way too good for her peace of mind, and his arrival brings up old feelings she's spent years trying to forget. She wants nothing to do with him, but this time he's not giving her the chance to run away. Three years ago Annie made the biggest mistake of her life. Is history about to repeat itself?
This one was very good and will leave you wondering, I myself would love to see more of it.
Forget Me Not by Lacey Wolfe
After being stood up yet again, Jenny decides to give up on trying to find love. But just as she swears off men, her high school sweetheart returns from his tour of duty and he wants to see her. Eight years ago Nick left without a word, breaking Jenny's heart. Can she find it in her to forgive him?
I'm a sucker for those old flames that come back into your life, this one did not disappoint.

You can get the anthology for free at Beachwalk Press, the link is here.

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