Apr 2, 2012

PreView by Alanna Coca

Title: PreView
Author: Alanna Coca
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Edition: 2 (previously published as Preja Vu)
Pages: 168
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $4.99
Release Date: 9/21/2011
Summary: Heroine Ryann has prophetic dreams. She predicts a murder that will occur if she can't find the victim and stop it.

Architect Ryann Phillips lives a normal life—except for her psychic dreams. Few of her premonitions make sense, or even cause her to lose sleep, until she dreams about a vicious murder and is compelled to warn the would-be victim. Attorney Trevor Kearney doesn’t believe it when Ryann claims his client’s life is in danger. Nevertheless, he’s intrigued by her ability to hold up to his questioning, and by the unexpected attraction he feels for the beautiful woman. He reluctantly agrees to work together to keep his client safe…and to spend more time with Ryann.
Ryann hasn’t met anyone who infuriates and arouses her like Trevor does. He may question her psychic visions, but there’s no doubting their sexual chemistry. As they grow closer, their relationship could put them in the path of a killer and inadvertently set the course of events in motion… Refreshed version of PREJA VU, newly revised by author.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I simply adore a good mystery, especially when the dramatic ending eludes me. PreView by Alanna Coca is a mystery with a good heady supply of romance.
Ryann has the ability to see things before they happen, for her, it happens in the very last dream before she awakes. She can go through her visions as many times as she wants, she even has the ability to slow them down to single frames. Not all of visions are horrific though. She hasn’t had a chance of as yet to stop the murder; she knows the odds are against it. Though sheer luck she sees the very woman that graced Ryann’s vision last night. Her name is Victoria; she is slated to die in an office elevator. When Ryann follows her down the street, she will forever change her life…
Ryann and Trevor’s romance builds throughout the book; the chemistry between them is stunning, the sexual tension is even better.
Alanna Coca grasps the reader’s eye and pulls you into the story. I find it wonderfully inspiring.
I give it 4 out of 5.

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