Apr 30, 2012

Shadow on the Wall Release Day

Author: Pavarti K. Tyler
Author Site (All ages): http://www,fightingmonkeypress.com

BLURB: Recai Osman: Muslim, philosopher,billionaire and Superhero?

Controversial anddaring, Shadow on the Wall details the transformation of Recai Osman fromcomplicated man to Superhero. Forced to witness the cruelty of the MoralityPolice in his home city of Elih, Turkey, Recai is called upon by the power ofthe desert to be the vehicle of change. Does he have the strength to answerAllah's call or will his dark past and self doubt stand in his way?

Pulling on his faith inAllah, the friendship of a Jewish father-figure and a deeply held belief thathis people deserve better, Recai Osman must become The SandStorm.

In the tradition ofbooks by Margaret Atwood and Salman Rushdie, Shadow on the Wall tackles issuesof religion, gender, corruption and the basic human condition. Beautiful andchallenging, this is not a book to miss.

Knock. Just one solidsound.
Recai sat up too quickly and fell back against his mattressgasping as Rebekah stuck her head into his small room, her face creased withworry and fear.
“Cover yourself and stay silent,” she whispered beforeclosing the door and rushing back into the living room to retrieve her burqaand open the door. Recai heard the movement of the heavy fabric she wore on topof her house dress as she moved across the room to greet their visitor. Hewondered if she had retrieved her father’s gun which he’d overheard Hasad saywas under the couch in the living room.
Before hiding beneath the thin sheet that covered him, hereached down and pulled the rug from the floor and threw it across his legs. Hecovered his head and melted against the wall with the pillow on top of hisupper body. Feeling foolish, Recai laid there, wishing he had his ID, hisphone, anything to help bribe his way out of this situation if it was indeedthe RTK at the door.
Perhaps it’s justa neighbor, he thought. A neighbor come to ask after Rebekah’s father’shealth or to borrow some salt. His attempt at rationalizing the unexpectedvisit did not quell his fears. The RTK made a habit of performing homeinspections, especially if they suspected a woman alone. It wasn’t a safe timefor anyone under the jurisdiction of Mayor Yilmaz.

About the author: Pavarti K Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number-cruncher who has beencommitted to causing trouble since her first moment on this Earth. Her eclecticcareer has flirted with Broadway, Teaching, Law Firms and the IRS. Author ofmany short stories, Pavarti spans genres from Horror and Erotica all the way toFantasy. Currently Pavarti is hard at work establishing her Indie PublishingCompany Fighting Monkey Press.
Pavarti K Tyler’s novel Two Moons of Sera is a Fantasy/Romance and began ina serial format in November 2011. Her next novel Shadow on the Wall isscheduled for release in May 2012. Shadow on the Wall is Book One of TheSandStorm Chronicles, the saga of Recai Osman — businessman, philosopher,Muslim and . . . superhero.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting Shadow on the Wall on your blog! I appreciate your support and hope your readers enjoy the book :) Pav


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