Jun 25, 2012

Biannual Blogathon Bash Wrap Up Post

This is my first time participating, and I had a blast, I felt that I got a lot done.

Labels- I re-tagged all of my posts
I wrote up 6 YA reviews to post over the next couple weeks, as well as 15 non-review posts.
I redid my Publisher Page, it's current and by genre, so if your a writer looking for a agent free Publisher, all the publishers on my page are accepting submissions.
Cleaned up my email, tidied up my sidebar and footer. 

My goal was to do 4 mini-challenges, I completed 4. 
Mini Challenge List
  • How to write a better tweet on twitter- I am horrible about tweeting with no hashtags. 
  • Creating a Fav Icon- Did you see my new Fav icon? 
  • Using Google calendar: I use 5 google calendars (under one account) to keep track of what needs to go up. Now that is sitting at 7 calendars and it makes it so much easier now. Using the tasks option too, so much easier.
  • Boost your blog design with no budget- I found me some perfect icons, free, i'm lovin' them. And I made up a about us page, why I didn't have one I have no idea. And I whipped up another blog (it's for a challenge out tour company is doing in August) 

Total time: 18 hours

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