Jun 5, 2012

Armchair BEA- Introductions

Armchair BEA day one. Time to learn about me. 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: 
I'm Viari, I've been blogging for nearly three years, though a few months ago was when I first started reviewing books though, and The eBook Reviewers was born. 

What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012? Well I am reading two books right now. In Print Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins, and ebook Out of the Ashes by Lori Dillon.

What is your favorite feature on your blog?
I love the Stacking The Shelves meme, where I get to show my readers what I bought that week. That is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?
Jace from The Mortal Instruments, I think he'd be highly entertaining. I would let him pick the locale though. No pixie food though. 

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