Aug 15, 2012

VBT Spotlight: Tallusian Nights

Val Braeden is a seasoned Xihirian soldier hardened by the Realmist wars.  He discovers his true mate while on his latest rescue mission. A lovely Tallusian woman’s touch awakens him as no other.  While escaping the war torn Tallusian capital the Realmist take down Val’s spacedisk.  He crashes into the Tallusian forest.  There Zalora and Val are determined to survive the wilds of Tallusia. Sparks fly, lighting a flame within them both.  Their passion heats the Tallusian nights binding them together forever.

Clitax Tomron is bent on revenge – he’s determined to avenge his father’s death.  Tomron strikes close to Val’s heart, taking his family hostage.  Only one thing stands in Tomron’s way, the power of a beautiful Tallusian princess.  Zalora wants peace and to put an end to these terrorist. She risks everything to save those she feels responsible for and the man of her dreams.

Running through the ruins of her beloved city was like living a nightmare. The moon’s illumination enabled her to see outlines of the fallen buildings. The scene was eerie and bleak. This wasn’t terrorism. This was out-and-out attempted annihilation. First, the planet Gerial and now her world were victims of utter devastation. These Realmist were seeking to rid the universe of all others who were not like them. It was a blessing they had not irradiated them or at least not yet. But radiation would make Tallusia useless to them. “There has to be a reason for this. Hatred or prejudice couldn’t have caused this.” She pressed herself closer to him as he took a leap over what looked to be a body. No building was untouched. Most were in ruins. Either by now survivors had been rescued or this rubble was their tomb. A stench rose, confirming the latter for a large number of victims. “My home’s gone.” She clung to his warm firm body.

This man was a true athlete, full of grace and unmistakable skill. He ran with ease. It amazed her. She realized he was her savior from an otherwise disastrous end. “Thank you.” She patted his chest where she clung to him. “Thank you.” Tears ran down her face. She wiped her face on his uniform. “Sorry I’m making your uniform wet.” He did not comment. She did not expect him to. His full concentration was on getting them to his ship, keeping a look out for dangers. He ran swiftly while he held his weapon. On a few occasions, he jumped over hurdles of debris, landing smoothly, not breaking his gait. Zalora realized he was not the kind of man she was accustomed to interacting with. He was much more. No wonder these Earthen humans feared Xihirians. For Realmist, their fear had turned to hatred. Val slowed. “Are you tired?”

“No, it’s too slick to run now. I’m afraid I may fall. I don’t want to fall with you on my back. So I’ll have to walk fast for now. I believe we’re almost there.”

“How did you remember the way?”

“I paid attention.”

“I’m glad you did.” She hugged him tighter. He continued to walk at a quick tempo. Zalora closed her eyes. It was just easier to block out everything. Her anxiety ate at her stomach.

“We’ve arrived. It looks like others have been here, too. But I can’t sense anyone now.” Zalora opened her eyes.

“Have they messed with your ship?”

“No or they would have been shocked, literally.” Val tapped his communicator button. A low electronic buzz hummed. “Now we can touch it. I want you to hang my rifle over your shoulder.” He handed it to her.

“You do?”

“Don’t be afraid. It’s on safety.” He waited for her to do as instructed. He walked around to the other side of his ship. He was all business in every stride. His ship was black, sleek, and about two stories high. An electronic ladder came down to greet them. Before she realized, they were almost to the top of his ship. Again, he moved with inhuman speed and skill. Out of fear for heights, she gripped him tighter, and her nails dug into him. The cockpit opened. He helped her off his back then took his weapon from her. “Get into your seat and buckle in.” His tone was brisk as he pointed to her passenger seat.

Carefully she stretched her leg out toward the cockpit to get into her area. He held her arm to help her. Overcome with emotions, she paused just before she climbed in. Impulsively, she leaned into him, kissing him. Amazingly, he tasted delicious, scrumptious, making her want more. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed herself against him as if offering herself. All common sense fled her brain.
Val astonished her with his intense response. He growled in her mouth.  She felt dizzy.  She’d intended her kiss to be brief and sweet, a nice thank-you of sorts. It had not come off sweet. Val had not reacted to it as a sweet thank-you either. Instantly, his business like demeanor evaporated. It seemed to fall off him, kissing her harder, passionately. His large hands cupped her soft bottom, squeezing it. He pressed her into his hardness. She offered no resistance. Sharp teeth accidently nicked her bottom lip. He hesitated for a second. Until Zalora ran her hand through the back of his hair, feeling its silky texture.

Strangely, his nipping her thrilled her, encouraging her to want to bite him back. His tongue pushed into her mouth, inviting her into his mouth. The taste of him made her head feel like it was swirling with emotions. She sighed against him, and a different kind of shiver passed through her. She felt his reaction to her shivering. He gripped her closer. Again, she wondered at his alluring taste as she kissed him deeper. He pulled back to stare at her. His eyes were extremely bright, wild. His pupils were slits. He was stunning and feral-looking. Feeling wild, she pressed against him to initiate another kiss. This time her kiss was more subdued. It took all her effort to regain her composure. His mouth disconnected from hers.

“We have to go.” His voice was gravelly. It did not sound normal at all. Gently he touched her hair as if examining her curls. He brought a strand to his nose and rubbed it on his face. Then he inhaled deeply. The look he gave her made her core throb with need. Her panties felt damp between her legs. Truly, their kiss had been short-lived for the wake of emotions it left. Its pleasure had been immeasurable. Her head buzzed. She ached for more.

Reading and writing is a wonderful diversion from an often-difficult world. I love to create my own stories and have control over how things will end. It's exciting to create brand new worlds and characters. My imagination can come alive.

In sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal stories, I can invent wonderful places and people. Anything is possible in these genres, it's limitless. I'm able to create an escape into a special world filled with unique and fantastic things and there is always a happy ending.

A high school teacher inspired me to write. However, instead of initially pursuing my writing career I became a lawyer. I work in divorce court, so erotic romance is a great escape. There can be true love and happy-endings, at least on my pages.

My two children and I have two good-humored dogs that share our home and ease our stress. I have traveled and lived all over the world, and these experiences have given me great creative ideas. I look forward to creating many more adventures in romance.
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