Jul 26, 2012

About Decadent Thursday

Earlier this week we received a comment about 1Night Stand, after talking it over with Tamaria, who co-posts Decadent Thursdays with me and the one that got me hooked in the series in the first place. We came to the same conclusion.  That it would benefit all our readers if we took a little time to explain what Decadent Thursdays are all about! 

Decadent Publishing is an Alaskan based independent publisher. They specialize in all genre's of fiction. They have several lines and series going. 

Decadent Thursdays here on The eBook Reviewers is geared toward their short stories. There are two series we pull from most of the time. 

The 1 Night Stand Series, otherwise known as 1NS. The series has been going just over a year now, and they over a hundred  stories in this series. A lot of the time there is a series within a series, as the 1NS are written by different authors. The word counts vary from seven thousand to thirteen thousand. The basis of the series is simple. Madam Eve runs a online dating service aptly called the 1 Night Stand Service, where she will find you the perfect match. It is a very high end service with very extensive background checks and rules. Madam Eve is never seen, ever. Her goal is not for the two clients to just have a one night stand, but something much longer term and she is excellent at what she does. The different stories within the series can jump times or even planets, they can involve the supernatural like shifters, vampires and fae. The series itself is very diverse. 

You can find more information on their 1NS blog.   

The second series we pull from is The Edge Series. This series is written again by many different authors and has many different genres. Make no mistake this series is all erotica, designed to push your limits. A Happily ever after or a happy for now is not required. The word count is five to seven thousand. They are very short reads and I for one love them.

For more information hit The Edge blog

I love variety, so from time to time I jump over to a division of Decadent Publishing called Bono Books. It is young adult (YA) and clean romance only. 

Check out Bono Books

I'm going to answer the question I am sure your all asking. Why do we have a separate day for Decadent Publishing? The answer is not an easy one. On my kindle I have around 75 1NS ebooks and another 30 Edge books, to say I adore both series would be an understatement. They are highly addicting and while our reviews may not be very in-depth and long, the reason behind that is I don't want to spoil it for it. Tamaria and I both adore the series and we love for you to love them as we do. 

Originally Thursday was going to be all 1NS but then I got my hands on my first Edge Series book and I couldn't put it down. In fact I read three that first night. we opened it to all of Decadent Publishing's short stories. If you have been to their site you know how hoping their bookstore is and they always have something for somebody. 

Not every book is for every person. For example I cannot read BDSM, I just can't do it, it is not something that I like to read. I love certain time frame historical's, but I can't do regencies. I love horror and paranormals, though my favorites are vamps and zombies. 

Tamaria doesn't care for time travel, horror or historical. She can read BDSM, she loves paranormal and anything really sappy. Currently she into Selkie books. 

What I am trying to say is every one's taste is different, go check out the 1NS, The Edge or Bono Books and your sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Keep tuned here every Thursday when one of us will have something that might be perfect for you! 

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  1. You ladies are so fantastic. We're honored to have such a spot on your blog, and tremendously excited that you are such fans of 1NS and The Edge series'. Truly.

    Thank you ever so much,

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing/Bono Books

  2. Wow, we are all honored over here at Decadent Publishing! Thank you so much!

  3. How nice. One of Decadent's goals is to provide a bit of fun escape for a variety of readers and tastes. It is fantastic to hear that we are meeting that goal. Thanks so much for doing this - you rock.


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