May 22, 2012

However Long The Night Tour

Today on the blog, we have a tour spot for David Perada's However Long The Night. 

Cuban-born, award-winning Miami Architect and successful real estate developer Cid Milan suddenly faces a dilemma when his dying father reveals to him a shocking twenty-five year old family secret. Cid realizes there is only one thing he can do to unravel the mystery of his own past and right the wrongs committed. He must return to the land he abandoned. In his quest, Cid rediscovers himself and his roots as he searches frantically throughout Cuba for his teenage flame, Sandra, and the secret she kept from him all these years. In the process, Cid learns an invaluable lesson about love, forgiveness and redemption which changes his life forever.

Cid and Manny leaned against the rail on the crammed upper deck of the venerable boat,
watching the retreating Cuban coastline. Vessels of all sizes motored out of the harbor, seeking
the open sea. The noise was deafening. Passengers screamed and boat captains blew their
horns. On deck a group of men drank rum from a bottle and chanted, “Libertad, libertad,
libertad . . . ”

“Many weird-looking people on this boat,” Manny commented. “That man over there looks like a
drug lord.”

“Castro emptied out the jails and let out all the scum along with the political prisoners --
murderers, druggies, thieves, prostitutes. The cream of society.”

“Hear, hear. But we’re out of there and on our way to America. A new life, Brother.” Manny
flashed a big smile to someone behind Cid’s back and added a wolf whistle. “Think you can be
without my charming company a while? A cute girl just gave me the eye. You want to join me
and make new friends?”

Cid shook his head.

“You’re still down about Sandra not coming to say good-bye to you?”

Cid nodded. “It’s been a bad week all around.”

“Things will improve now, Brother. Cheer up. You’re depressing me.” He punched Cid on the
arm playfully. “In a month you might not even remember Sandra. There are tons of beautiful
women in the United States. I’m going to try to get a head start, maybe find me a new girlfriend
right here on this boat. Sure you don’t want to come?”

“I’m sure.”

Author Biography:

David Pereda is an award-winning author who enjoys crafting political thrillers and
mainstream novels. His books have won the Lighthouse Book Awards twice, the Royal
Palm Awards, the National Indie Excellence Awards, and the Readers Favorite Awards.
He has traveled extensively around the world and speaks several languages. Before
devoting his time solely to writing and teaching college-level courses, Pereda had a rich
and successful international consulting career with global giant Booz Allen Hamilton,
where he worked with the governments of Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Qatar, among

A member of MENSA, Pereda is the regional director of the Florida Writers Association
and the co-founder of AWE (Asheville Writing Enthusiasts). He loves sports and has
won many prizes competing in track and show-jumping equestrian events.

Pereda lives with his family in Asheville, North Carolina.

Please visit him at…

When Cid left Cuba and left behind a girl that he loved very deeply, something shifted within him. The girl carried his child, though he was not aware of this fact. It is only 25 years later he learns this fact, and he has very limited time to get to Cuba find her, and convince her and their son to return to the States with him before Cid's father takes his last breath. It is a race against time.  

However Long The Night is very much a book about betrayal, and of course redemption. Often is the case, misunderstandings are grave, and love is never ending. 

This book is a contemporary mainstream novel with a romantic elements. It is a clean read, which I highly enjoyed. I found his characters to be a breath of fresh air and the I was unable to put the book down. It is very well paced, the characters were exceptional, and the mystery of what transpired to his lady love after he left Cuba had me on the seat of my chair.  

Over all, the heartbreak, the betrayal, the mystery, and at the heart of it all love, wrapped together wonderfully to tell a beautiful story. 

This book gets a 4 out of 5. 

And Mr. Perada, I have to say as your first shot at a romance was beautifully crafted, I truly hope you will grace us with another in the future.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

However Long the Night


  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today -- and thank you, also, for the review. I'll be in and out all day ready to answer comments and questions from you and your readers.

  2. So glad to read an excerpt from David's book. I love the backdrop of Cuba and reading about the Cuban culture. And there are so few romance books written by men and David writes romance oh-so-well. Another winning book!

  3. I've been looking at reviews of your book on Amazon and noticed this is your first 'romance' book. Do you consider this book a romance book and do you plan to write more in this genre?

  4. Good question, Karen H. I plan to write a trilogy of connected books, of which HLTN is one. All three (a second one is already written, and I intend to probably publish it in 2014) have romantic elements. Unlike my Havana Series of thrillers, which are definitely thrillers, I consider this trilogy to defy easy classsification. In my opinion, all three manuscripts cross existing genres and could be classified under one of several categories -- mainstream fiction, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, multi-cultural fiction, and who knows what else.

  5. I really loved the excerpt. This story sounds absolutely fascinating. I hope there is a HEA. I am really glad you are write a trilogy with this book included.

  6. MomJane, you got me. What's a HEA? Sometimes having a high IQ is a hindrance. Has Ha

  7. Hi HEA is a happy ending (short for "happily ever after").

    Each time I read your bio, something different jumps out at me. This time, it's that you've won "prizes competing in track and show-jumping equestrian events." Such a renaissance man! Athletic, multi-lingual, world traveler and award-winning writer. Impressive.

  8. Thank you for the compliments. My three top heroes are Leonardo Da Vinci, Genghis Khan and Ernest Hemingway -- with Pablo Picasso and Mozart in fourth and fifth. Sixth is Bill Russell, the great basketball player for the Boston Celtics. Seventh was my dad.


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