Sep 5, 2014

Sexual Misconduct by Nicety

Everyone has a bad side. It's just that some people take theirs to a higher level than others. This Sexual Misconduct is real, it's raw, it's risqué and it's a reader's delight.

After a terrible tragedy, Starla and Chino Jacobs struggle to keep their marriage alive. All relationships are tough, though none quite like this. Starla loses herself in an indulgence that's too difficult and toxic to break free from, Brian. Chino desperately wants to fight to keep their love strong but soon realizes he can't do it alone. Although, once Ashley Baker enters the picture, she makes it hard for Chino to concentrate. But Starla won't be going down without a fight.

Some marriages fail, but there are some that can be salvaged if both parties are willing to put in the work. Can Starla and Chino mend their marriage, or will their extramarital affairs prove too lustful and deadly?


It was Friday. Starla had not been into work in three days. Every time I called her she refused to answer the phone and did not show her face until late in the evening, 8pmish. I settled in on one of the black leather couches, thinking about what the hell I was going to say to her. Once she brought her ass through that front door, it was mine. She had been playing these games with me since Kenya's death but she had milked that sympathy card too long.

I’d been taking it and taking it but enough was enough. Tonight, I was going to finally confront her on her bullshit. Whatever she was out there doing, did not matter to me. The only thing I wanted her to do was promise to change and stand on it. All I wanted was for her to be my loving wife again, nothing more. I grew restless from waiting. My cell vibrated the glass end table wildly.


“Hey guy. It’s after hours and you still answer the phone with only your last name. Get your mind off of work for a change and live a little,” Mario yelled so loud, he damn near busted my eardrum.

“Yeah, well we’ve been friends since college and you would think I would have gotten used to your loud crazy mouth by now.” A sigh of disappointment resounded from my lips through the receiver. “What’s up, bro?”

“Man, are you in the house sobbing over that wife of yours again? You need to cut that shit out and come hang with me tonight at the club or something.” He sounded as if he was already at the club with the loud music banging in the background.

“Um, I’m not really in the mood for partying tonight, Mario. I think I’m just gonna lay down and catch some z’s.” No matter how hard I tried to conceal it, depression resonated through my voice anyway.

“I don’t like the sounds of that man. Chino, you are too good of a brother to be going out like that over some female. If she doesn’t want you bro, then its time to move on. More fish in the sea. You need to jump your white ass in the shower and come outside to the club with my white ass. Huh? Huh? What do you say bro?”

Mario was very persistent in everything that he did. Some things never change once you graduate from college. In part, it’s what made him a damn good lawyer. But, I was in no mood to be watching females dance all around me. I'd only stand there sulking, wishing I were at home with my wife. I was no quitter. My dad did not give up on my mom and God rest her soul she did not give up on him either.

At least my dad had the dignity to wait until after we took her off life support from the car accident to begin sowing his wild oats. If he did cheat, it was unbeknownst to me. Cheating was not for everybody and I was one of those people. No, I wanted to fight for my marriage. That's what people in love did, right? They fought. Unfortunately, that road was a two way street.

“You know what, Mario? I think I’m going to go ahead and sit this one out bro. I’ll talk to you at the office on Monday.”

“Wait' huh? No, you’re not just going to brush me off like that dude. I’ll call and check on you tomorrow. You’d better hope I don’t just pop by. And, don’t think you will get off by not answering the door because you know I have spare keys.”

“Ugh, alright dude. Alright. Hit me tomorrow.”

“Alright and Chino, don’t get all worked up over her. The sooner you leave her alone the better off you’ll be. She doesn’t want you bro. I know it’s hard but you might want to learn to accept it.”

As much as it stung me to hear those words, Mario was right. At some point, I would have to get over Starla. I would need to realize that she had been over me for an entire year now. She showed no signs of wanting to reconcile. Hell, we lived like roommates and I was the only one trying to keep this lie we called a marriage alive. She had already moved on, surprising me with not even showing up to visit the grave of our daughter. The anniversary of her death was two weeks ago. I was truly at a lost for words, staring down at her grave alone. Blinking my eyes back to present reality, I could think of nothing to do to pass the time. And, as I turned to my cell for the time, I began to wonder if she was ever coming home this time. 9:25pm.

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~About the Author~

Nicety was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She began her love of writing in the third grade. Many teachers pushed her to expand her knowledge of words, teaching her how to put them together to make them flow like melted butter. During her teen years she put her creative writing on hold and had an affair with another, graphic design. It wasn't until college that she began writing again, taking advanced creative writing and English classes. One professor caught on to her gift. He began to encourage her to publish her work and share her literary talent with the world. Upon graduating from Kennedy King College in 2010 with an Associates in Arts, that's exactly what she did. She now has several shorts, novellas and full-length novels under her belt. All of her books have topped the charts of one or more Amazon Bestsellers Lists at one point in time. Her goal is to bring that accomplishment over to the New York Times Bestseller list as well. To date, Nicety's most honored award is receiving the 2013 AAMBC BREAK OUT AUTHOR OF THE YEAR. She has also been nominated for Best Erotica Novel 2014 by DJ GATSBY BOOK CLUB.

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