Jun 3, 2014

On Her Watch by Rie Warren

The year is 2071 and all hell has broken loose. As the government tries to control the territories that were once the United States, an armed rebellion erupts . . .

AWOL from her military post, Lieutenant Liz Grant will do anything for the rebels she now calls friends. Her latest mission: return to the Beta Corps army and obtain classified information that could turn the battle in the revolutionaries’ favor. There’s only one problem: Commander Linc Cutler.

Strong, coldly handsome, and always in control, Linc is perplexed by the beautiful soldier brought in for questioning. He doesn’t know if he believes her explanation for why she went missing. He only knows his intense sexual desire for her cannot be denied.

The troopers backed away from me, out of the office, closing the door behind them. I watched Linc, releasing a smile. His guards had left me fully armed and operational with my two babes, chrome Desert Eagle 44 mag dates from hell, holstered on my hips. Seeing him unarmed—hands pressed behind his back--made me think he might be as foolhardy as the Freelanders, but I doubted it.

I didn’t have to doubt for long.

Sharp jaw, full lips, and his arrogant nose showed in profile when he calmly mentioned, “If you even think about going for your sidearms, you’ll be dead before you make a move, Lieutenant Grant.”

My gurgled laugh hurt my bruised ribs. “I might be willing to test that theory.”

Movements fast and liquid, he came at me and cornered me under one of the cameras. Hands braced on either side of me, Linc’s breath brushed across my temple. “You’re in no position to test me, Liz.”

Hot restraint rolled off him. Not a single muscle moved from the breadth of his chest held a scant space from my breasts to his rugged shoulders straining the seams of his shirt.

My gaze flashed to his, the burning blue brightness unraveling my protective shell. No man had ever affected me like this. My short fingernails tapped the holstered Eagles in warning. A warning that had no effect on Linc as his breath dragged deeper, filling out his chest until it came flush to mine.

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A Yankee transplant via the UK and other wild journeys, Rie happily landed in Charleston, South Carolina, with her English artisan husband and their two small daughters--one an aspiring diva, the other a future punk rocker. After earning her degree in Fine Arts, Rie promptly gave up paintbrushes and canvas for paper and pen (because she decided being a writer was equally as good an idea as being an artist, of course it was). That was fifteen years ago, her writing career started! With a manuscript of super epic proportions! Safely stored under a lace doily in a filing cabinet. Possibly in England . . .

Since then she's done this and that, here and there, usually in the nonprofit arena, until she returned to her dream of being a writer. Even though Rie basks in the glorious southern sunshine as often as she can, she's mostly a nocturnal creature adjourning to her writer's atelier (spare bedroom) in search of her next devious plot twist or delicious passionate tryst.

No matter what genre or gender pairing she's writing, she combines a sexy southern edge with humor and heart--and a taste of darkness.

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