Dec 11, 2013

Sacking Austin by Lori Beth Johnson

Genre: Romance

Recently divorced pro quarterback Austin Cook isn't looking for love. After finding his serial-cheating wife in the arms of his biggest on-field rival, Austin vows to never trust a woman again. From now on, all relationships will be on his terms. Yet, when he meets a mysterious artist unlike any woman he has ever known, he finds himself forgetting about the past and living in the moment.

Tara Lee had only been looking for new brushes when she visits the art supply shop, but when she runs into the tall, dark, and delicious football star she can't deny the immediate attraction. Sparks fly over small talk, and she knows she's in trouble. When a one-night stand turns into so much more, Tara is torn. If Austin knew the truth about who she is, he'd never want her. Should she deny her feelings and walk away, or take the chance and risk her heart?"


“I had a good time tonight,” Austin said as they walked to her building. She maintained a two-story town home in an older neighborhood that attracted an eclectic group of residents. Artists, musicians, and writers were everywhere, but also many young urban executives had moved into the area.

She leaned back against the front of her door. “You wanna come in?” Her eyes flashed. “For coffee?”

One side of his mouth raised and he inched toward her placing his hands on either side of her head, resting them flat against the wood. “Coffee, huh?”

“You like it hot, don’t you?"

Even though he had been on the sidelines, Austin still understood how to play this game. “Girl,” he said, his southern drawl more pronounced as he moved even closer. “You are driving me crazy.”

She let out a moan as he pressed against her, the large expanse of his upper abs skimming against her breasts. She snaked a hand onto his neck. “You aren’t my type,” she whispered as his lips neared hers.
“You aren’t mine, either.” Before Austin could seal the kiss, Tara had turned and slid the key into the doorknob.

“Come on,” she said, taking his hand. “Get in here.”

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If Lori Beth had to choose one word to describe herself, it would be dreamer. Beginning with the daydreams of her youth, she has spent her life spinning stories of love and family. After spending many years on a winding career path that began in retail management and included three-fun years teaching middle school English, Lori Beth decided to get serious with this thing called writing. She now works part-time in higher education student services so that she can devote as much time as possible to her craft.

Lori Beth has a B.S. in Elementary Education and is ever so slowly pursuing a M.A. in European History. She is a fervent believer in lifelong learning that can, but doesn't have to, include formal education. Music is her muse, books are her passion, and she is an avid sports fan. Go Colts! Go Reds!

Family, friendships, and social issues are central to her character-driven stories. Sometimes steamy, sometimes sweet, and often set in small towns, her tales will surely find a way into your heart.

Lori Beth and her husband reside in southern Indiana and have three children: two sons in college and one daughter in high school.

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