Nov 5, 2013

Sexcation by Elise Whyles

Genre: M/M

Tony Richards has it all— or at least that's what his friends say. With money, prestige and women falling all over him, something is still missing. When his best friend Shelly tells him about a unique resort, Tony is both thrilled and apprehensive.
 Bad boy Chet Monroe has spent the last two years working hard to afford a week long trip to Aphrodite's Island resort. He's not looking for anything special, just a chance to relax. Until he arrives and meets the man of his dreams.
 When Tony sees Chet, he's instantly smitten with the handsome, if somewhat rugged man with the tattoos and attitude, but it’s his chance to have his ultimate fantasy. Can the rancher and the bartender find forever when their week is up?

You need to get laid.” Shelly’s annoying voice echoed in his ear as the gentle swell of the sea rocked the private yacht currently easing into dock. Tony stared out over the blue-green sea with a detached sort of fascination. A narrow strip of beach followed the sea line as far as he could see. Lush green trees reached for the sky. He sure as hell wasn’t in Wyoming anymore. The crackle of a microphone drew his attention to the tall woman at the helm.

A peach colored bikini barely covered her breasts, her long hair was pulled back in a thick braid and designer sunglasses covered her eyes. “Good morning everyone. I hope your flight was pleasant. Before we disembark, I have a couple of things to go over with you.”

Tony fidgeted in his seat, fighting the nervousness in his belly. He wasn’t so sure this was a good idea, not that he’d been all fired up about it when Shelly had handed him the ticket and told him to go. He adjusted the brim of his Stetson, his eyes looking out over the tropical island. Nope, it had to be one of Shelly’s worst ideas ever.

“This is Aphrodite’s Island, a specialty resort. We cater to a select group, dealing in sexual fantasies. To ensure everyone is safe and happy with their stay, we do have rules.” She held up a fist with her index finger extended. “One—if the person you are involved with says no, they mean no. It’s not a maybe, or I’ll think about it, unless its a fantasy you’ve already discussed and have agreed to the circumstance before hand. Disregarding this will ensure you are penalized to the fullest extent of the law.”

She lifted a second finger and inhaled. “Two—we ask that when you step into your fantasy you come up with a safe word to ensure your partner doesn’t take things too far beyond your comfort level. Our intent is to provide the best experience of your life, but in a way that respects everyone’s desires.”

Tony leaned forward on the plush leather chair at the hard note in the woman’s voice. “For health and safety reason, we do supply condoms in every room. We do not encourage unprotected sex. Are there any questions?”

“Yes ma’am,” a deep, smoky drawl from behind Tony sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine.

“Of course.”

“Is there any way off the island if we don’t want to continue?”

Tony turned in his seat to stare at the speaker. Thick black hair curled over the man’s shoulders. A large black and white tattoo of a wolf covered one shoulder and arm. Several others peaked from beneath the tank-top he wore. A pair of worn, faded jeans encased his legs, covering the tops of a pair of heavy boots as he lounged against the wall.

Tony felt the kick of attraction in his gut. Hot and tight, it twisted him into a knot of want. Turning, he face forward.  As sexy as he was, the ladies would be falling all over themselves to get into his bed. What a waste of man.

“We book the stays in a seven day rotation. Unless it’s an emergency or something very pressing, we do not have a routine ferry. Unfortunately, this means you do have to remain on the island for the duration. However, if you chose to step away from your fantasy, we do offer a non-sexual holiday.”

Yeah, non-sexual my ass. I’d love to have him riding me. Tony sighed, his mind racing as the woman continued on with details about transportation. He heard a couple of the other passengers ask questions but paid them little mind.

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Born in a small community, Elise Whyles lives in Canada with her son and husband. She’s currently working on the next book in the Canadian Heros Trilogy as well as the next book in the paranormal romance series Forsaken. Elise writes in multiple genres, paranormal, contemporary, erotic, m/m. To learn more about her or to drop her a note please stop by her website.

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