Nov 1, 2012

Decadent Thursday- The Landscaper

The Landscaper by Stephanie Williams
Series: Edge
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Pages: 24
Reading Level: 18+
Source: Received from publisher for an honest review.
Reviewer: Viari Rose

Lauren needs more than her backyard plowed. When she sees her new hunky gardener, she wonders if he wants to plants seeds in other places. Hot and horny, from being on a dry spell for months, she realizes that the Summer sun isn't the only thing that’s got her hot.

I just have to mention that little one had me grinning and giggling in the beginning. It was a smoking hot read. I was happy about the ending but, I wanted more. This is a solid 5 star book, an absolute must read.  

My favorite part? When Nate says “I’ll take real good care of you, baby.” And he completely does take care of her. 

Lowering the spyglasses, she ran upstairs, grabbed her wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses from the dresser. She made a mad dash downstairs and out the back door, approaching him from behind. She stood a moment, appreciating the view of his firm ass and wide shoulders.
“Ahem. Hello there. I don’t think we’ve been introduced. I believe my personal secretary hired you to take care of my much-neglected landscape?”
He stood bent over a patch of high, thorny weeds, but his shoulders bounced with silent laughter.
“That’s a clichéd greeting if I ever heard one.” He straightened and glared at her with intensity hotter than the sun—on a day when the temperature soared past a hundred and two. He made her think of a fallen angel. A bit hard, but a man who looked like he knew what he wanted, when, and how!
She wanted him—now!
“Hello. My name is Nathan Sheers.” He stuck out his hand. His eyes roamed from the top of her head, to her sandaled feet.
She shivered. So this is what a bug under a microscope feels like.

My name is Stephanie Williams. I am a native of Los Angeles, born 45 years ago. I am a full-time home business owner in the export/import trade as well as a contract Purchasing Agent for a medical facility. I enjoy opera, classical music and am a huge history buff. Reading is my passion and it’s not unusual for me to read a book a week whether it’s War and Peace or short stories by Poe and of course romance and erotica. I’ve traveled extensively and it’s not unusual to find me celebrating Christmas in the Land Down Under with a shrimp on the barbie.

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