Oct 30, 2012

Glimpses of Midnight

I have a special guest on my site today. J.L. Oiler, author of Glimpses of Midnight.

Special Guest Interview by Alia Fang – Liaison Officer South Hedonism with Carina, Daughter of Lord Cyrus, and Main Character Glimpses of Midnight: Indulgence (book 1) by JL Oiler

First let me welcome you princess Carina and may I say I feel honored to be conducting this interview.
Please just call me Carina.
All right Princess, I mean Carina, what was it like to share glimpses of our world with authors JL Oiler and Suzzana C. Ryan?
JL and Suzzana were both very open to discussion of South Hedonism. I suppose it is because both have a deep understanding of paranormal. In fact, in my story I wondered several time if JL had actually gained access to the city because of her attention to details.
The masses seem outraged over the fact you chose not to have an immediate execution of the humans found wondering on the outer tunnels of South Hedonism. What do have to say about the situation?
The masses can learn their place. If any of them wish to challenge my decision, they are more than welcome to challenge me on it. As the dead ogre in the courtyard can attest, I don’t mind killing those who question too much.
Any chance you’ll be finding a way to get your latest sexual conquest out of the city and back to humanity.
Why don’t you journey with me to the labyrinth and find out?
No Thank You I understand those who go in there rarely come out. How about you just tell us a bit more about your story if you would….
Carina Bellefleur is the only daughter of the dark lord of South Hedonism, Cyrus Bellefleur. Belonging to a city of Indulgence and decadence has its privileges but the half vampire half succubus is having a difficult time finding someone, or better yet more than just one someone, who can help her reach that ultimate orgasm. When a pair of human males are caught just outside the city walls the subject of the dark city desire nothing more than their immediate death. Carina however sees something special in the pair of well-endowed males.
Evan and Eric are the ultimate urban adventures. Therefore, when they hear rumors of a city hidden beneath their own beloved New York they cannot help themselves, they have to try to find it. Now as prisoners among creature they would never in their wildest dreams believed existed the pair of brothers find their fate lay in the hands of the cities sexy princess.
They discover survival depends on provide Carina with the ultimate in sexual satisfaction before her father discovers humans within the walls of his city in exchange the feisty woman might lead them back topside. There is however a catch, what if they really don’t want to go or she doesn’t want to let them?
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As always I thank you for your time Princess Carina
You and the readers are welcome. Please feel free to join me in sharing Glimpses of Midnight.

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